Characteristics and advantages of different types of chillers

Characteristics and advantages of
different types Water Chillers


Box type water cooling chiller:

 It has compact structure, with water tank and water pump inside. It is suitable for equipment with closed external pipeline. 

The water-cooled model needs to be equipped with cooling water pump and cooling tower before it can be put into use.


Box type air-cooled chiller:

In addition to all the performance of box type, there is no need to add cooling water pump and cooling tower. 

It is easy to install and operate. It is suitable for small flexible production equipment and workshop where cooling tower is installed unconditionally.


Water cooled open type water chiller: 

It is not equipped with chilled water tank and water pump, but can be connected with water pump and water tank as required. 

The volume of water tank and pump head are not limited, which can better meet the needs of different industrial equipment. 

Open structure, easy to clean and maintain.


Water cooled or air-cooled low-temperature chillers:

Antifreeze solution (ethylene glycol or low-temperature brine) should be used as the carrier refrigerant, and the outlet temperature can be below zero. 

It includes three series: high temperature (water outlet temperature: 3 ℃ – 5 ℃), medium temperature (water outlet temperature: – 5 ℃ – 10 ℃), and low temperature (water outlet temperature – 15 ℃), which can meet the low temperature requirements of various equipment and can also be customized according to the special requirements of customers.


Water cooled screw type:

Adopted with shell and tube condenser and shell and tube condenser , which have the characteristics of simple structure, stable heat exchange, long-lasting efficiency and convenient maintenance. 

The unit has reliable safety protection devices, including: high and low voltage protector, exhaust overheat protector, compressor motor overheat protector, overload current protector, antifreeze temperature protector, water flow protector, emergency stop switch, temperature sensitive fusible bolt, safety valve, etc. 

It is recognized as the most ideal structure composition of central refrigeration host.


Corrosion resistant titanium tube type:

Special titanium evaporator can avoid acid liquid corrosion, and can directly freeze electroplating, oxidation liquid, sea water, salt water and other corrosive liquids.

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