Why need a water chiller for injection molding?

plastic injection molding-plastic bottle

Why need to use injection molding chiller to cool the Injection molding machine?

The main applications of molding temperature control machine and water chiller are warm the mold and cold the mold.

Warm the mold-Mold Temperature Controller

Before injection, the mold should be heated to a certain temperature. Then the plastic is not easy to solidify when it is integrated into the mold cavity in the injection molding process.

The problems like insufficient physical strength, delamination, incomplete injection and blocked flow channel are all related to the weakness of warm mold, which is the significance of warm mold.

Cold the mold-Injection Molding Chiller

During injection molding, the mold needs to be cooled after the whole cavity is filled with plastic. The plastic in molten state is rapidly cooled and solidified.

This is the normal definition of plastic molding chilling. But few people know the effect of cooling rate on the physical strength and internal stress of the final product.

In principle, for different injection parts, the injection mold can be cooled via a water chiller in the fastest way. The injection molding machine produced under this way will reach the best state in terms of physical strength and internal stress.

If the cooling time is too long, the physical strength of the injection molded parts will be weakened and the internal stress will be increased. It will lead to deformation of products. The most common problems are injection molded parts with thin thickness and large size such as automobile dashboard, which will cause great trouble to automobile manufacturers.

Set the same amount of raw materials for each injection molding machine. But when the product design requirements are different, the mold temperature control requirements are also different. Some special products have great requirements on internal stress and physical strength. Different mold sections require different temperature curves, which requires multiple mold temperature controller and injection molding chiller.

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