Household / commercial thermostats

Aquarium Chiller,Constent Temperature

1-30HP High effeciency
  • Cooling Type:Air cooled
  • Cooling Capacity:1-30HP
  • High-precision Control:±1℃
  • Working Temp. Range:+3℃~+50℃

Product Discribtion

Air-source Aquarium Water chiller 1HP

  • Model : APT-3FCSH
  • Refrigerating Capacity: 7.5KW (Standard Conditions)
  • Compressor: Panasonic / GMCC 3HP(2.25KW)
  • Condenser:Copper Tube fin air cooling condenser
  • Evaporator : Titanium tube evaporator
  • Input Power: 380V/50HZ,3Phases(For model under 3HP,would be 220V/50HZ,Single-Phase )
  • Elextric Application:Schneider Electric、A.C.contactor、Thermorelay Safety
  • Protection Device:System high and low pressure protection、Lack of phase and wrong phase protection、Compressor overload current protection、The temperature too high or too low to Protect、Sensor fault protection
  • Tlectronic temperature controller:Taiwan microcomputer controller
  • Temperature control range:5℃~50℃ (Chilling Temp. Range 3~25℃) Distinguishability:0.1℃

Technical Parameter

Name Model Chilling capacity Compressor power Water Chilled flow
APT Aquarium Chiller , Box-type, Single Cooling type, R410a KW Kcal/Hr KW HP M³/H
APTBL-1FCST 2.5 2150 0.75 1 0.43
APTBL-2FCST 5.1 4386 1.6 2 0.88
APTBL-3FCST 7.5 6708 2.4 3 1.28
APTBL-5FCST 13 11180 4.2 5 2.24
APTBL-8FCST 20 18060 6.2 8 3.45
APTBL-10FCST 26 22360 8.2 10 4.48
APTBL-15FCST 38 32680 11.25 15 6.55
APTBL-20FCST 52 44720 15 20 8.96
APTBL-25FCST 63 55900 18.75 25 10.86
APTBL-30FCST 78 67080 22.5 30 13.45

Product Features

1.Multiple functions:

A main engine can provide the fish tank with contant temperature and cooling functions at the same time.Can realize automatic mode switching ,simple control,complete protection function,powerful function.

2.Double flow titanium tube heat exchanger:

1)The reverse flow arrangement of the water loop and refrigerant loop of the fish tank can ensure the undercooling degree of the outlet refrigerant and correspondingly improve the system efficiency.

2)Spiral coil tube,smooth flow of water , easy to implement cold cleaning ;freeze cleaning can shorten downtime and avoid chemical agents use;

3)The heat exchange tube in the heat exchanger is pure titanium metal ,durable ,fully ensure the service life of the unit;

4) The waterway coil has no internal joint,which reduces the leakage factor. 5.0Mpa pressure test to ensure safe and stable operation of heat exchanger.

3.Security and environmental protection:

APT aquarium constant temperature chillers adopts chilling technology to cool fish tank water and maintain its constant temperature,realizaing water and electricty isolation.Truly achieve safety and environmental protection.

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