Refrigeration Accessories

Titanium Tube Coil with PVC Shell Evaporator

  • Ta1 grade Titanium tube ,Rust and corrosion resistance > Stainless Steel>Cooper
  • Widely used for aquaculture, seawater or salt water
  • Standardized production with reliable quality

Immersion Tube coil Heat exchanger

  • Suitable for industrial water tank
  • Various materials available:Titanium/stainless steel/cooper/carbon steel
  • Custom shapes,Convenient for equipment modification
  • Low price,perfect for tight budget

Coaxial coil tube Condenser

  • Widely used on Marine engine/heat pump
  • Different material: all titanium/titanium+stainless steel/cooper +carbon steel
  • Different shapes: Circular,Ellipse,Square
  • No afraid of vibration with firm and compact structure

Tubular Heat exchanger

  • Suitable for swimming pool heat pump,widely used on waste heat recovery
  • Various materials available:Titanium/stainless steel
  • Tubular design ,small size with higher effciency

Titanium threaded tube coil heat exchanger

  • Mainly used  for Swimming pool heat pump
  • Large Flow rate
  • Accept customized based on your pool size
  • threaded tube be higher effeciency
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Cooling capacity (HP) Cooling capacity (KW) Shell Diameter (mm) Shell Height (mm) Water in/outlet Diameter (mm) Refrigerant in/outlet Diameter (mm)
0.5HP 1.25KW Φ110 280 Φ32 Φ12.7/Φ12.7
1HP 2.5KW Φ160 290 Φ32 Φ12.7/Φ12.7
1.5HP 3.75KW Φ160 330 Φ32 Φ12.7/Φ12.7
2HP 5KW Φ200 380 Φ50 Φ12.7/Φ12.7
3HP 7.5KW Φ200 430 Φ50 Φ12.7/Φ19
5HP 12.5KW Φ200 500 Φ50 Φ12.7/Φ19
8HP 20KW Φ200 800 Φ50 Φ12.7/Φ19
10HP 25KW Φ200 1000 Φ50 Or Φ63 Or Φ75 Φ19/Φ25

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Cooling capacity (HP) Cooling capacity  (KW) Titanium tube Diameter (mm) Number of Turns Coil Diameter D(mm) Coil Length L (mm) Coil Height H (mm) Refrigerant in/outlet Diameter (mm)
1HP 2.5KW Φ19 4.5 Φ150 210 400 Φ12.7/Φ12.7
1.5HP 3.75KW Φ19 6.5 Φ150 250 430 Φ12.7/Φ12.7
2HP 5KW Φ19 8.5 Φ150 280 450 Φ12.7/Φ12.7
2.5HP 6.25KW Φ19 10.5 Φ150 330 480 Φ12.7/Φ12.7
3HP 7.5KW Φ19 13.5 Φ150 380 500 Φ12.7/Φ19
5HP 12.5KW Φ19 18.5 Φ150 450 530 Φ12.7/Φ19

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