Plastic Injection Molding Chiller

You need an APT water chiller for your plastic injection moulding machine.

APT Water Chiller for the molding mould of plastic processing/injection machinery can:

  • Greatly improve the surface finish of plastic products
  • Reduce the surface striation and internal stress of plastic products
  • Make the products Not Shrink or Deform
  •  Facilitate the demoulding of plastic products
  • Accelerate the shaping of products, and greatly improve the production efficiency of plastic molding machine

How To Select The Appropriate Size Of Chiller According To The Mold Size Of Injection Molding Machine

Ordinary, injection molding machine clamping force between 80 tons and 100 tons of machines equipped with the machine is 5HP

There is a table for your reference.

You should know the kinds of raw materials used and the quantity used per hour. That would be more accurate, won’t waste energy efficiency.

Water Cooling Box Type Industrial Water Chiller For Injection Molding Machine​

water cooled industrial chiller-20HP1
water cooled industrial chiller-20HP2

Compact Structure, Long Service Life, High Energy Saving Efficiency


  • Original compressor: environmental protection, high stability, long life, power saving and energy saving [Daikin, Copeland, national, maneurop, Sanyo];
  • Low energy consumption water pump: large flow and high head, to meet the water conditions of various equipment;
  • High precision pressure controller: protect compressor and main components accurately and quickly;
  • Microcomputer temperature controller: it can control water temperature from + 3 ° C to + 25 ° C with display accuracy of 0.1 ° C;
  • Shell and tube condenser: spiral copper tube has strong heat transfer efficiency, long service life, easy cleaning and maintenance, and is the main component of traditional central air conditioning;
  • Stainless steel water tank coil evaporator: easy to clean and maintain, clear understanding of the actual situation of water equipment;
  • Protection device: voltage undervoltage, power supply phase loss, wrong phase protection, compressor current overload protection, pump current overload protection, high and low pressure protection, antifreeze protection, insufficient cooling water flow, insufficient chilled water flow protection, and delayed start-up, etc. safety protection device can alarm and display fault.

Technical Parameter 3-100HP Water-Cooled Chiller​

1. The cooling capacity is based on the following standard temperature conditions :

1)Chilled water return temperature 12 ° C, Chilled water outlet temperature 7 ° C

2)Cooling water inlet temperature 30 ° C , Cooling water inlet temperature 35 ° C

2. Scope of working Temperature

1)Cooling water outlet temperature 22 ° C to 37 ° C , Cooling water temperature difference 3.5 ° C to 6.5 ° C

2)Chilled water outlet temperature 5 ° C to 20 ° C , Chilled water outlet temperature difference 2.5 ° C to 7 ° C

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