APT,water chiller designer and manfacturer.

APT is a professional manufacturer and applicator of refrigeration equipment. The industrial chiller, mold temperature controller, laser chiller, ultra-low temperature industrial chiller and laboratory refrigeration equipment are sold well in domestic and foreign markets. 

APT also designs and produces heat exchangers. Including: coils, coils in shell, tube in tube coaxial, tubular heat excahnger which are produced by the company has the characteristics of reasonable design, high energy efficiency, long-term service, etc., Welcome to customize and purchase.

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1)Industrial wate chiller :Air-cooled water chiller 1-100HP,

2)Industrial water-cooled chiller unit 3-60HP,

3)Opened water cooling Chiller unit 5-120HP,

4)Shell and tube industrial chiller unit :water-cooled 10-40HP,air-cooled 5-25HP,

5)Titanium tube type industrial chiller unit :water-cooled 5-50Hp,air-cooled 3-20HP

6)Stainless steel plate industrial chiller unit:water-cooled 3-12Hp,air-cooled 1-8HP,

7)Low temperature industrial chiller unit :water-cooled 3-20Hp,air-cooled 3-20HP,

8)Screw industrial chiller unit::water-cooled 4-120Hp,air-cooled 40-100HP,

9)Laser air-cooled industrial chiller unit:1-8HP

9)Shell and tube industrial oil cooling unit:air-cooled 3-20HP,

10)Mould Temperature controller:water direct 120℃ or water indirect 959℃ 6/9/12KW, Oil indirect cooling 6/9/12/6*2/12*2KW.

Chemical Industry;Machine cooling,plastic injection moulding ,plastic blowing,Plastic extruder ;Marine engine,heating recovery;Laser cuting,Laser engraving,others.

Sufficient capacity;Quality assurance;Price advantage.

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