Industrial Air-cooled Water Chiller


Industrial Air-cooled water chiller

1-100HP High effeciency

Cooling Type : Air-Cooled

Cooling Capacity : 1-100HP

High precision control : ±0.1℃

Working Temperature Range : +3℃~+50℃

Product Discribtion

APT machinery Air-cooled industrial chiller series

     1.Original compressor : environmental-protection ,shigh stability ,durable and energy-saving 


      2.Low energy consumption of water pump : Large flow and high head for meeting water condition of each equipment

      3.High precision pressure controller : Accurate and fast for protecting compressor and main device

      4.Microcomputer temperature controller : accurately control the temperature of water from +3℃to +25℃,Display accuracy at  0.1℃

      5.Air-cooled Condenser : Compact structure ,Small volume and large heat exchange ,Conservation of water resources

      6.Stainless steel water tank with coil evaporator : Cleaning and maintenance is convenient ,easy to know the actual situation of water equipment

      7.Radiator : high efficifiency ,strong air volume ,low noise ,Ensure the heat dissipation capacity of device

      8.Protective device : Low voltage ,Lack of power ,Fault phase protection ,Compressor overload protection ,Pump overload protection ,High and low pressure protection ,Frost protection ,Cooling water shortage ,Frozen water protection And delaying starting and so on .Safety protection device ,Alarm at any time ,Display fault .


Technical Parameter

Cooling Capacity W 2500 5000 7500 12500 20000 25000 30000
Compressor Motor KW 0.8 1.6 2.4 4 6.4 9 9.6
Chilled Water Flow L/min 7.2 14.4 21.6 36 58 72 86
Frozen Water In/Out pipe inch 1" 1" 1" 1" 1" 1.5" 1.5"
Pump Motor HP 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 1 1 1
Water tank capacity L/min 20 40 45 50 100 120 150
Net Weight Kg 73 106 165 195 410 450 550
Dimension L*W*H (mm) 850*520*900 850*520*900 900*520*800 1200*680 *1100 1300*700 *1300 1300*700 *1300 1600*750 *1500
Power Supply 220V/50Hz 3N-380V/50Hz
Refrigerant R22/R407c/R410a/R134a
Throttle device Capillary Tube/Expansion valve
Condenser Fin tube type air-cooled condenser
Evaporator Stainless steel water tank copper coil evaporator
Cooling Capacity W 37500 50000 62500 75000 100000 112500 125000
Compressor Motor KW 12 16 20 24 32 36 40
Chilled Water Flow L/min 108 143 180 216 288 323 360
Frozen Water In/Out pipe inch 2" 2.5" 2.5" 3" 3" 4" 4"
Pump Motor HP 2 3 3 5 5 7.5 7.5
Water tank capacity L/min 200 300 350 400 500 600 800
Net Weight Kg 670 780 860 960 1050 1100 1200
Dimension L*W*H (mm) 1900*900 *1600 2100*1000 *1700 2100*1000 *1700 2500*1000 *1700 2600*1000 *1800 2800*1000 *1800 2800*1000 *1800
Power Supply 3N-380V/50Hz
Refrigerant R22/R407c/R410a/R134a
Throttle device Capillary Tube/Expansion valve
Condenser Fin tube type air-cooled condenser
Evaporator Stainless steel water tank copper coil evaporator

Product Features

1. Not need Water tower: It is easy to install and move without cooling water tower, which is suitable for the place where water source is short of.

2. Low noise fan motor, excellent cooling and condensation effect, stable throttling mechanism, excellent antirust treatment.

3. High performance compressor imported from Europe and America, higher value, low noise and stable operation. Our product adopts All brand-new original imported compressor,  so that the energy efficiency ratio of the product is higher. 

4.This product adopts touch type waterproof and dustproof control panel.The Chilling temperature of the chiller is adjustable from 3 ℃ to 30 ℃. The contactor belongs to Schneider Series in France. The control system adopts modular design, and is equipped with various protection devices such as acid-base inlet protection, current overload protection, high-low-voltage protection and time delay protection. In case of any fault, it will alarm and display the fault in time.

5. The Condenser adopts the vertical shell and tube design, and the Evaporator copper tube adopts the high-efficiency internal thread copper tube, which can effectively improve the thermal effect and is easy to clean

5. The Water Pump is selected from Italy and Taiwan with large flow and high lift. It is safe, super static, power-saving and durable. The body shell is painted with electrostatic powder paint, which is beautiful and elegant. It is equipped with stainless steel water tank, which is convenient for cleaning. The water tank contains a floating ball automatic water replenishing device, which can be used to measure and control the water level, so as to effectively save time for customers and improve work efficiency

6.Widely Application: Air-cooled Industrial water chillers are mainly used in laser technology, welding, plastic molding, injection molding, extrusion, bottle blowing, thermal molding, mechanical cutting, non cutting processing, casting, surface treatment, electroplating, electrophoresis, medical equipment, electronic industry, circuit board production, electronic chip manufacturing, chemical industry, papermaking, pharmaceutical industry, food processing industry, aluminum profile, aluminum alloy, steel Chemical glass, coated glass production, ultrasonic cleaning, jewelry processing, leather, fur processing, ink production, aquaculture.


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